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Are you ready to

lead in 2020?


The future is now....


And a fundamental shift in the leadership paradigm is needed.


People and organizations are leaking energy and potential, like woven baskets trying to carry water. This is causing unprecedented levels of unhappiness and disengagement amongst both employees and employers.

A recent Deloitte surveyfound that

80% of respondents agree that a new model of leadership is needed for the 21st century


Only 25% reported that they are effectively developing these new leaders. 

Knowing vs Doing Gap 21st Century Leader

How can you fill this Gap?


Leaders of the 21st century need to be courageous, curious, and connected

They have the courage to let go of trying to know everything. They let their courage lead to the curiosity required to ask  important questions and continuously learn. They use their curiosity to build connections with customers, employees, investors, strategic business partners and communities. 

Leadership is both an art and science. A daily practice of renewed curiosity that keeps you intentional about your impact and continuously open to learning at the speed of business.

With the new decade knocking at our door, we need more leaders who can make a difference, who are willing to get courageous, curious and connected to create true impact.

No matter who we are or what we know, we can all make an impact and it all starts with increasing awareness around our intention and potential. The result will be a more engaged, happier and more successful version of ourselves, our teams and our organizations!  

Are you ready to Lead in 2020?

Join Our Lead in 2020 Program and together we’ll explore what matters to you, who you are and how to tap into your potential to become one of the impactful leaders of this decade!

Book a free Chemistry Call to find out how 21st Century Leadership can be brought to life for you!

Deloitte Insights: Leadership for the 21st century

By Erica Volini, Jeff Schwartz, Indranil Roy, Maren Hauptmann, Yves Van Durme, Brad Denny, Josh Bersin

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